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Fresh Salmon Portion (+/- 500g)


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Salmon from the cold, clear waters of Norway.


Norwegian Salmon are sustainably raised and cared for under strict, nationally regulated

– Strict Regulations: Raised and cared for under strict Norwegian regulation throughout the production chain to ensure food safety
– No Antibiotics: Due to new disease-fighting techniques and preventive measures, the use of antibiotics is currently approaching zero
– No Color Added: Flesh color comes from diet supplements that are similar to vitamins
– All-Natural Diet: Norwegian Salmon are fed an all-natural diet composed of both vegetable and marine raw material, such as fish oil and fish meal from wild fish, plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidants


– Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon are raised in pens in the cold, clear waters of Norway.
– To prevent overcrowding and ensure sufficient swimming space, ocean net pens contain 2.5% fish to 97.5% water. Salmon are given the time, space and opportunity to fully mature.

– Combining hard-earned experience and advanced technology, the industry is able to monitor and     promote healthy fish growth and food safety at every step.
– Norway’s seafood industry pioneered the development of responsible ocean salmon farming in the early 1970s.
– Salmon aquaculture is among the most resource-efficient methods of food production, as salmon are more than twice as efficient as pork and chicken at converting feed to energy and ultimately meat for human consumption.
– Today, Norway’s aquaculture industry ranks among the world’s leading programs.


Taste and Texture:
Moist, flaky meat
Clean, fresh-tasting


Nutritional Information:
Norwegian Salmon is especially rich in:
Vitamins A, D, B12


How to Prepare:
Salmon is a very versatile protein. Common preparation methods include:
Cold- or hot-smoked

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