FISK is a Singaporean online Seafood delivery that is part of Snorre Food Singapore. Snorre Food has been in Singapore for more than 30 years supplying various hotels, airlines and restaurants. We are passionate and dedicated to the sustainability and health of our seafood products for everyone.

Snorrefood is supplying to Ship Chandlers, various hotels, airlines and restaurants.
For any business related enquires, please visit Snorrefood website at www.snorrefood.com.sg

Cold water seafood are sourced from the northern hemisphere. To complement our offerings, we have a good mixture of seafood from Asia, so as to provide a wider choice of products to your plate.

Quality is our core value. Our factory is equipped with modern blast freezing facility. Our staff are well trained to consistently deliver top grade value product. We are a HACCP and ISO 22000 certified company and our plant has been awarded ‘A’ rating for the excellence in food hygiene by Singapore Food Agency for consecutive years. We ensure that temperature and hygiene levels are kept under control every step of the way, with no compromise in quality.