Fresh Fish Prices On The Rise

Fresh Seafood On Crushed Ice.

Why are prices of selected fresh fish prices rising?

  • Demand and supply

    When fish were more plentiful, the fish prices were low, but with increased demand and lower fish stocks means fish prices will rise.

    When Covid-19 hit the world, restaurants closed and we saw supermarket purchases increase as people were cooking more at home. Today, Covid-19 restrictions have eased and there is a jump in demand from restaurants and supermarkets worldwide.

    There is simply not enough fish to cater to the supply.

  • Freight

    All our fresh fishes are air-flown into Singapore. Freight prices have increased as airlines are now depending on cargo revenue heavily to offset the decline in passenger travel.

Will the prices go down?

In principle fish prices can go up or go down.

AT FISK we are committed to supply top restaurant quality to your home. Where possible, we try to absorb some costs. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we occasionally have promotions.

What alternatives do I have when prices go up?

At FISK, we have a wide range of frozen seafood.

Why should I eat frozen seafood?

  • Frozen seafood has equal amounts of nutrients as fresh seafood.
  • They are cheaper in price.
  • Stocks are available all year round and are not based on seasonalities.
  • Easy to store as we have portioned options. Cook as and when you want.

What do I have to compromise when eating frozen seafood?

Texture. Due to freezing, ice particles may form. There may be less of a “bite” and when defrosted, higher water loss.

Can I eat frozen fish as sashimi (raw)?

Yes. It is safe to eat frozen fish raw. However the texture cannot be compared to Air Flown Fresh Fish as during the freezing process, ice crystals would have formed thus disrupting the structure of the fish cells.

Check out our Frozen Seafood!

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SGD $10.00
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