Pulpit Rock Smoked Salmon

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Why is FISK Air Flown Fresh Pulpit Rock Smoked Salmon different from what we find in local supermarkets?


Salt is a key ingredient in cold smoked Salmon. Salt is used to cure Salmon before smoking it at a low temperature where thru the process, it removes the moisture from the Salmon.

In local supermarkets, 90% on shelf are imported from western countries where the salt content is significantly higher. Salt as we know is a major contributor to high blood pressure and linked to heart attacks.

At FISK, research was done to make our product suit the Asian taste bud and we found most imported smoked products are often too salty for the local palate due to higher tolerance for saltiness in the west and through freezing, the Smoked Salmon cells burst and out flows the cured liquid which is salty and would result in a more salty profile. With that knowledge, we worked around the problem and came with a less salty smoked salmon.

100% Norwegian Air Flown Fresh Salmon

For a longer shelf life, local supermarkets ship their Smoked Salmon in frozen conditions and use frozen Salmon from various origins. The result is mushy and there is little/no texture to the bite. Colour can tend to be pale.

At FISK, we smoke on premises our Pulpit Rock Smoked Salmon from 100% Air Flown Fresh Norwegian Salmon. This means the product has never been frozen. Having 30 years of experience and knowledge, Pulpit Rock Smoked Salmon is made available after a full year of testing and experimenting. Every bite has a firm and smooth texture.

How is Air Flown Fresh Pulpit Rock Smoked Salmon made at FISK?

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