“Pulpit Rock” smoked salmon is a unique product developed and produced in Singapore by Snorre food. We have used our experience, knowledge and after a full year of product testing, we now are confident deliver to you a top notch product.

Pulpit Rock variety is fileted, cured, smoked, sliced and packed in our facilities located at Fishery Port Road.

We know that most smoked products that are available in Asian supermarkets today are usually either made in Asia from frozen raw material or made in Europe and then frozen, therefore it’s rare to get products in its best condition.

Our fishes of superior quality are air flown and smoked in-house without being frozen or after the process.

We have also learned that imported smoke products are often too salty for the local palate. This has to do with both the higher tolerance for salt in the west. But also the freezing, that results in cell bursts, and therefore the salt content tends to be perceived as higher. Therefore we have made a product where we toned down the salt content.

The product is named after a spectacular landmark in western Norway: