Air Flown Fresh Diver-Picked Fresh Scallop Whole Shell On 9-12cm

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Our Air Flown Fresh Scallop is flown in upon request. This is to ensure that you get the freshest quality.

Order by Tuesday for delivery on Monday in the following week or,

Order by Saturday for delivery on Friday in the same week.

We do not deliver on Public Holiday.


Why are Diver-Pick Fresh Scallops the best?

Diver-Picked scallops are best for the environment and for flavor.

Scallops are harvested in one of two ways by trawling or by diving.

Trawling is done by scraping the ocean floor and pulling up scallops (and whatever else is down there) without regard to maturity or to the damage possibly being done to the ocean floor.

A more environmentally friendly, albeit expensive, method of harvest is by diver and giving us “diver scallops”.

Divers go down and choose mature scallops by hand, leaving behind immature scallops as well as leaving the ocean floor alone.

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  • Air Flown Fresh
  • From Scotland
  • Sell by Pieces
  • Whole Shell
  • Diver-Pick Scallop
  • Size of scallop is between 9cm – 12cm


Scallops are lean protein, and as such, they can toughen very easily upon cooking. It is very important not to overcook scallops as they can go from succulent to rubber ball pretty quickly.

Don’t take your eyes off them when cooking to make sure that you remove them from the heat when they are still moist, juicy and plump.

Grilling, sautéing, broiling and grilling are all simple, dry heat methods by which you can cook large sea scallops to really showcase them. Moist heat methods including stir-fry (with sauce) and simmering (as in soups and stews and even risottos) are perfect for the small, sweet bay scallops.


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