Air Flown Fresh Atlantic Cod

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▼Air-Flown Fresh Atlantic Cod Guidelines▼


Our Air Flown Fresh Atlantic Cod is flown in upon request. This is to ensure that you get the freshest quality.

Order by Tuesday for delivery on Monday or Tuesday in the following week or,

Order by Saturday for delivery on Friday or Saturday in the same week.

We do not deliver on Public Holiday.


▼About Atlantic Cod

Air Flown Fresh Atlantic Cod is a lean fish caught in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea.

It’s less oily, full of taste and flaky.

Air Flown Fresh Atlantic Cod contains less mercury than other seafood, including popular fish like tuna, and can be prepared in multiple ways.

We maintain a temperature controlled cold chain to ensure that our products maintain their quality from time of manufacture to your doorstep.

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How to Store


  • Air Flown Fresh
  • Wild Catching Fish
  • Cutlet contains bones
  • Fillet contains less or no bones
  • Weight includes bones
  • During portioning, weight of product decreases due to trimmings.

On the Grill

The fat of fish is a savior here. It lets you place the fillet on a hot grill without worrying too much about it turning dry if you look away for too long.

But its fine texture means you should use a well-oiled grill.

Pan Seared

Just a simple saute lets you savor the depth of the fish, which offers a richer mouthfeel and longer finish than a lean fish does.