Air Flown Fresh Live Boston Lobster

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Our Fresh Boston Lobster is ordered upon request. This is to ensure that you get the freshest quality. We do not keep stock.

Processing order always takes 7 days.(excluding ordering date)

**Weight will be 400g to 600g**

Lobsters are seen as highly prized treasures of the sea. The lobster meat has a firm texture accompanied with mildly sweet flavour.

We do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays.


There are good sources of essential protein and nutrients such as phosphorus – for kidney function and magnesium and some calcium – for bone health. Most importantly, lobsters actually contain very LITTLE fats!!

For the most mouth-watering ways to enjoy the lobster, you can either boil it with water and salt for 7 mins, grill or roast with cheese, butter and garlic!

The Boston Lobster requires a wet and cold environment to survive.

Simply wrap them up in damp (not wet) newspapers and store them into the coldest part of the refrigerator (not freezer) which may last up to 24 hrs.

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How to Store

  • Live Product
  • Weight will be 400g to 600g
  • Whole Shell-On Lobster
  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive

How To Know if your lobster is under-cooked?

  • If your lobster is under-cooked the meat may appear opaque (not white) and a thick translucent liquid may be found inside.
  • If it is a female, there may be a black, oily gel inside the body and tail. This is under-cooked roe (eggs).
  • Externally, the shell may not yet be entirely red.

What to do if your lobster is under-cooked?

  • An under-cooked lobster should be returned to the boiling pot or steamer to cook until it reaches an internal body temperature of 82°C.
  • Cooking times may vary by size of lobster, with larger lobsters subject to longer cooking times.
  • When fully cooked, the meat will appear white and the shell will be red. If it is a female, the roe (eggs) will also be bright red in color.


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