Air Flown Pacific Saury Whole – Sanma ~ 120g x 2

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Pacific Saury / Sanma (秋刀魚)
Sanma is the Japanese word for the Pacific Saury, a skinny, silver fish that is commonly eaten in Japan.
In Japanese, sanma is written 秋刀魚, which literally translates to ‘autumn sword fish.’
The name stems from the fact that sanma are caught in the autumn, and are long, skinny, and silver, much like a sword.
Sanma are usually caught from late August through November, when they return south to lay their eggs.
The later in the season the fish are caught, the more fat they will have developed, and therefore the tastier they will be.
In Japan, almost half of all sanma are caught off the coast of Hokkaido, and the rest are mostly caught along the eastern coast of Japan.
Sanma caught in the autumn can have up to 20 percent fat content, and are therefore very oily and rich.
The flavor of the fish will, of course, depend on the ingredients that it is cooked with, but is generally a richer, fishier taste.
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  • Air Flown Fresh from Japan
  • Sashimi Grade
  • Wild Catching Fish
  • Whole Fish
  • Not Gutted, Not scale Off
  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive

Sanma is prepared in myriad ways. However, the most traditional and popular preparation is called shio yaki(塩焼き), which means ‘salt grilled.’

Sanma No Shioyaki

2 Pacific saury (sanma)
Sea salt
2 inch daikon radish (option)
1 lemon (option)
Soy sauce (option)

1. Gather all the ingredients.

2. Rinse the fish in cold running water and pat dry. Sprinkle sea salt on both side of fish. Set aside for 10 minutes. This will dehydrate the fish.

3. To avoid the fish skin bursting during grilling, insert a sharp knife next to the gill and score lengthwise (see below).

4. The fish has a line running across its body where you need to score so just follow that line.

5. Repeat on the other side.

6. Start the grill.

7. Place the sanma on the grill. Face down the side that is going to be showing when you serve. Grill about 8-10 minutes each side.

8. Grill over strong heat but no flame. When charcoal gets too hot and the fish is about to catch fire, sprinkle some water on the flame so the fish doesn’t get burnt. This is common since Sanma is fatty.

9. Around 8-10 minutes, the eye turns white, and that’s the sign it’s cooked. Flip the fish carefully just once.

10. Grill the other side for 8-10 minutes and serve on a plate.

11. Right before you serve, grate daikon. Squeeze liquid out gently and serve next to lemon wedges. Pour soy sauce over the grated daikon and place it on top of fish to eat together.


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