Crayfish / Crawfish

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Crawfish / Crayfish are usually less tough and more subtle compared to shrimp, and the taste can more accurately be described as a combination of crab and shrimp.

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Crayfish are eaten all over the world.

Crawfish has a sweet taste with a little bit of salt and mineral flavor.

Crawfish claws have a fine taste that is sweet and light

Like other edible crustaceans, only a small portion of the body of a crayfish is edible.

In most prepared dishes, such as soups, bisques and étouffées, only the tail portion is served.
Other meals where the entire body of the crayfish is presented, other portions, such as the claw meat, may be eaten.

Claws of larger boiled specimens are often pulled apart to access the meat inside.

Another favorite is to suck the head of the crayfish, as seasoning and flavor can collect in the fat of the boiled interior.

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How to Store

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How To Defrost Crayfish / Crawfish

To safely thaw crayfish, place the crayfish in the refrigerator overnight so it can thaw out gradually.

This is the best way to preserve the crayfish flavor and texture.

How To Prepare Crayfish / Crawfish

  • Crayfish are generally suitable for the same treatment as large prawns or langoustines.
  • With such sweet meat, simplicity is key: eat cooked fresh crayfish with mayonnaise and a dash of lemon juice, or fry them in paprika, garlic and plenty of olive oil and stir into pasta.
  • We recommend boiling crayfish in salted water with a healthy dose of bronze fennel, for flavour, and serving them alongside thin slices of buttered granary bread.
  • Crayfish are also delicious in risottos, soups and stews.


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