Dill Cured Herring ~ 300g

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Cured herring is usually served with a variety of sauces, and it’s good on its own or on a slice of rye bread or crispbread.

This variation has a subtle sweetness to it, balanced with strong onion flavors.

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How to enjoy Cured Herrings?

Scandinavia isn’t the only place with a robust herring culture.

Other parts of Europe enjoy herring in a smattering of ways, and smoked variations of the fish are also popular in parts of Asia.

In the Caribbean, smoked herring is fried or sautéed; cooked with onions, garlic, hot peppers, and tomatoes; and served over rice or with roti.

As with the herring in curried cream sauce, this way of preparing herring adds a rich layer of spice.

Shelf life after opening : 8 days at 1 to 5 degree in the fridge.

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