Dry Waffle Mix ~ 246g

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Norwegian dry products for convenient use.

Just add in water for quick and good meal.

Did you know that we have eaten waffles in Norway for over 700 years?

Ever since the 19th century, we have eaten waffles here and our Swedish neighbors have a lot of traditions dating back to the late 1500’s.

So it’s only in its place that the waffle has got its very own anniversary on the 25th of March. Why not celebrate making waffles in the stack on the Waffle Day?

Few things taste better than waffles topped with cream and jams and maybe some fresh berries?

Surprise friends and family with waffles in the stack on the Waffle Day, it is guaranteed to be well received.

Waffles is the Norwegian food tradition and food culture at its best!

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  • Mix together 1 2/3 cups water and 5 tblsp melted margarine / butter or 5 tablespoons liquid margarine (neutral oil can also be used).
  • Blend the bag contents and stir to a smooth batter.
  • Pour into well heated waffle iron.
  • Cool the waffles on a wire rack.


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