Frozen Cut Mango ~ 500g

SGD $10.00

Frozen Mangoes from Vietnam cut into bite-sized pieces. You can serve it as is in a bowl.

When thawed, it has a smooth taste that melts in your mouth like pudding.

You can enjoy a sherbet-like texture by letting it partially thaw while the center is still frozen.

It is very convenient and can be used as an ingredient in juices, smoothies, and sweets.

As it is a fruit, its color may change due to sugar content or long-term freezing.

Please note that if you refreeze this product once it has been melted, the quality and flavor may change.

Since our mango is 100% pure mango without any additive, this may not be very suitable for the customers who defrost and use in chilled condition for long time.

Usually, the mango with high brix rate is easy to get oxidise(become some black).

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  • Frozen Product
  • Ready to eat
  • Weight is 500g/pack
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