Harima Sea Oysters

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Frozen product, Sashimi Grade. Sold by pack. 12pcs/pack, Size is 60-80gm/pc
Origin :
Harima Sea, Hyogo Pref, Japan 

Harima Sea Oysters can be eaten both of raw and cooked conditions.

Taste is milky and sweet and texture of meat is firm.

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  • Storage : Keep below -18 deg C.
  • Consume quickly after thawed.
  • There can be shrimp or crab found inside the oyster, but this is natural and not harmful. Remove it before consumption.

<Thawing instruction for frozen Oysters>
Thaw the frozen oysters in its closed shell in the original packaging or in a container, in a refrigerator (5-10 deg C) for 8-12 hours.The duration depends on the refrigerator temperature.
Or, place the frozen oysters inside a bowl with cold clean water (about 20 deg C) and leave for 30–40 minutes.

<Simple Steps to open Oysters>**Special shucking knives are not necessary**

  1. After thawing completely, hold the oyster with flat side up.
  2. The thawed oyster will have a gap between its lid and bottom shell.
    Insert a blunt knife or folk in the gap and cut the muscle attached to the lid.
  3. Open the lid shell and remove the oyster meat.
    **Please use gloves when handling oysters.

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  • Frozen Product from Harima Sea, Hyogo, Japan
  • Size is 60-80gm/pc
  • Sold by 12pcs/pack
  • Whole Shell On

How to defrost Frozen Oysters

Defrosting from frozen state, you may do it overnight in a refrigerator. When using a household refrigerator (average temperature: 10°C), it will take about 8-12 hours for the product to completely thaw/defrost in the plastic bag.
Do not use microwave ovens, toasters, or roasters to defrost.


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