Lobster Tail Shell on Raw ~ 4oz

SGD $22.50

Frozen Boston Lobster Tail Shell On Raw 113g(4oz)/pc

Assurance of healthy, strong lobster in peak condition from ocean to plate.

We maintain a temperature controlled cold chain to ensure our products maintain product quality from time of manufacture to your doorstep.

We minimize stress to the Lobster every step of the way to maintain perfect, fresh-caught lobster flavor and quality.

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How to Store

  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive

How To Defrost a Lobster

To safely thaw Lobster, place the Lobster in the refrigerator overnight so it can thaw out gradually. This is the best way to preserve the Lobster flavor and texture.

How To Know if your lobster is under-cooked?

  • If your lobster is under-cooked the meat may appear opaque (not white) and a thick translucent liquid may be found inside.
  • If it is a female, there may be a black, oily gel inside the body and tail. This is under-cooked roe (eggs).
  • Externally, the shell may not yet be entirely red.


What to do if your lobster is under-cooked?

  • An under-cooked lobster should be returned to the boiling pot or steamer to cook until it reaches an internal body temperature of 82°C.
  • Cooking times may vary by size of lobster, with larger lobsters subject to longer cooking times.
  • When fully cooked, the meat will appear white and the shell will be red. If it is a female, the roe (eggs) will also be bright red in color.


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