River Shrimps / Kawaebi ~ 500g

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River shrimps / Kawaebi is very popular at Izakaya(Japanese Pub).

The simplest and best method of cooking is to fry it and eat with salt and lemon.

Kawaebi means River Shirmps in Japanese. As the name says, they are caught in the lake / river.

Most shrimps live in the ocean But this is different. It’s fresh water shrimps.

The shell is thin and meat is sweet. When you fry them, you can eat them with shell. Tasty, and crispy!

Ideal for snacking while drinking beer. Once you start eating, you can’t stop eating!

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How to Store

  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive
  • Size is Small size(3cm -5cm)
  • Wild-Catching
  • Whole Head On / Shell On
  • 500g/pack
  • Not Sashimi Grade

How to cook Kawaebi Karage / Deep Fried Lake Shrimps

  1. Put the river shrimps in a container, sprinkle with salt and wash with water.
  2. Drain the water and use kitchen paper to remove the remaining water.
  3. Heat the frying oil to 170 degrees to prepare for deep frying (2-3 cm depth)
  4. In a 20 cm deep frying pan, fry 5-6 pieces of river shrimp at a time.
  5. Fry until there are no bubbles in the shrimp (60 seconds – 90 seconds).
  6. After frying, remove excess oil and sprinkle with salt.

Tips and points
When frying shrimp, be careful as the oil will splash.
The splash will subside in about 10 seconds.
Fry till it becomes a beautiful red colour.


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