Salmon Sashimi Yusheng

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Salmon Yusheng 7-9g/pc, 10pcs/pck, Frozen, Sashimi Grade

Frozen Salmon Sashimi Yusheng is ideal for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Convenient to use and of the highest standard of quality.

10 slices per pack (approx 70g to 90g)

Responsibly sourcing our Salmon is important to us which is why at Fisk we work with responsibly managed farms and fisheries to continually improve their high standards of quality, welfare and sustainability.

Responsibly Sourced Carefully chosen for freshness and a tender texture.

Cold Water seafood generally take a longer time to grow thus this gives more fat to the fish. This results in a better flavour on your plate.

One normal meal of Salmon contains about 1.8EPA and DHA. This makes Norwegian Salmon one of the richest food sources of Omega-3.

A normal meal of Norwegian Salmon covers a person’s weekly needs of Omega-3 fatty acids, following The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommendations.

At Fisk we guarantee we main the cold chain by freezing fish from fresh always.
We guarantee that our Salmon has never been frozen from old out of date Salmon.

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How to Store

  • Sashimi Grade
  • Frozen Product
  • 1 slice is around 7-9g
  • 10 slices per packet
  • Ideal for Yusheng

How To Defrost Frozen Salmon
To safely thaw frozen fish, place the fish in the refrigerator overnight so it can thaw out gradually. This is the best way to preserve the fish’s flavor and texture.


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