Seafood Marinara – Mixed Seafood ~ 500g

SGD $8.50

Seafood Marinara contains a mix of different seafoods including small shrimp/prawns, mussels, slices of calamari and pieces of fish.

We maintain a temperature controlled cold chain to ensure our products maintain product quality from time of manufacture to your doorstep.

Seafood Marinara is a versatile product for Italian food.

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How to Store

  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive

How To Prepare Seafood Marinara

  • Pour products into the pan at medium-high heat until it begins to simmer.
  • Cover pan tightly and reduce heat to low; liquid should simmer, not boil.
  • Cook 4 to 5 minutes for frozen seafood or 2 minutes for fresh/thawed fish.
  • Turn off heat and let seafood rest in liquid for 5 minutes.

Depending on the dish you are making, you can then start to flavour the mix.


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