Shishamo ~ Capelin

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Weight : 170g/tray, 8pcs/tray, Origin : Canada, Produced in China

This product is for Grilling and deep-frying only.

Grilled Shishamo is a popular Japanese dish where the entire fish, from head to tail, tiny bones and all, can be enjoyed as an appetizer, side dish.

We maintain a temperature controlled cold chain to ensure our products maintain product quality from time of manufacture to your doorstep.

Shishamo is a small saltwater fish belonging to the Osmeridae family of small fish.

It is a commonly eaten fish in Japanese cuisine that can be simply grilled,

It is often found on the menu of izakaya (tapas) style Japanese restaurants.



How to Store

  • Frozen Condition
  • Weight : 120g/tray, 8pcs/tray
  • Origin is from Canada
  • Produced in China
  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive

How To Defrost Frozen Shishamo

To safely thaw frozen fish, place the fish in the refrigerator overnight so it can thaw out gradually.

This is the best way to preserve the fish’s flavor and texture.

Instruction of Cooking Shishamo

Oil grill pan.

Over medium-high heat, gently grill fish on each side about 4 to 5 minutes until browned.

If you prefer the skin of fish to be more on the crisp side, grill a few minutes longer, to taste.

When turning fish over, be very careful as the fish are delicate and can easily break apart.

The skin of the fish is also very thin and if it happens to break open slightly when cooking, it’s natural, and there’s no need to worry.