Shucked Japanese Oysters L size ~10pcs

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▼Frozen Shucked Japan Oyster Guidelines▼

**Sold by 10pcs per pack. Size is L size(13cm over ) **

Frozen Japan Oyster can be eaten both of raw and cooked conditions.

Taste is milky and sweet and texture of meat is firm.

This Oyster is already shucked and covered with shell and rubber band. So, you don’t need to shuck oysters!

Please kindly read the details of this product below!

Where are our Frozen Japan Oysters coming from?

Frozen Japanese Oysters is from Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.
Miyagi Prefecture is known for their specialty of oysters, competing for first or second place in Japan.
Oysters grown in the cold climate of Miyagi prefecture are characterized by their tightness and sweetness.

**Oyster Food Safety**

How to Store
Keep frozen at -18°C or below. Do not refreeze.

How to Defrost
Please check our “How To Cook?” on the bottom.


When thawing, place in refrigerator overnight.
After opening and thawing, please consume as soon as possible.(within same day defrosted)
Thaw only the quantity you need, keeping the rubber band attached.
Do not refreeze even if you have extra.
The oyster shells have already been opened, but please handle them with care when opening them.
Please note that in rare cases, shells may adhere to the inside of the shell.

What are the factors at home that could cause food poisoning from raw seafood and how to prevent it?

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How to Store



  • Frozen Product from Japan, Miyagi Pref.
  • Size is L size(13cm over)
  • Sold by 10pcs/pack
  • Already Shucked
  • Whole Shell On

How to defrost Frozen Japanese Oysters

Defrosting from frozen state, you may do it overnight in a refrigerator. When using a household refrigerator (average temperature: 10°C), it will take about 8-12 hours for the product to completely thaw/defrost in the plastic bag.
Do not use microwave ovens, toasters, or roasters to defrost.


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