Tilefish / Amadai 甘鯛

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Frozen, Whole fish, Gutted, Scale On, 350g-400g/pc, Origin : Japan

Tilefish / Amadai (甘鯛) is characterized by its white flesh, low fat content, watery texture, and soft flesh.

The best way to cook Amadai is simmered in broth (nitsuke), partially dried and then grilled (himono), or grilled fresh (shioyaki).

If you do not season the meat with salt before cooking, it may lose its shape as it contains a lot of water and is soft.

Tilefish / Amadai (甘鯛) Information

Amadai (甘鯛)is the Japanese name for sweet seabream.

‘Ama’ (甘) means ‘sweet’ in Japanese, and ‘dai’ (鯛)is the Japanese word for ‘sea bream’ (although Amadai are actually unrelated to sea bream). In English, the fish are called ‘Tilefish.’

Amadai has a light taste, so it is an ingredient that can be used not only in Japanese cuisine but also in Western cuisine.

The meat is soft, so cooking it gives it a fluffy texture and an elegant finish. Since it is often eaten at restaurants as a high-quality fish, it would also be a great choice as the main menu for a special day at home.

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How to Store



  • Frozen
  • Wild Catching Fish
  • Whole Fish
  • Gutted
  • Scale On
  • Weight indicated is the minimum what you will receive

Saikyo-yaki tilefish (甘鯛の西京焼き)

Ingredients [For 2 people]
-Tilefish 2 slices (160g)
-salt a little
-Lotus root 3cm(50g)
-Shishito pepper Four
-Water 2 tablespoons

☆Saikyo pickles
-White miso 4 tablespoons
-Liquor 2 tablespoons
-Sweet sake 1 tablespoon

1. Make a slit in the skin of the Tilefish, sprinkle salt on both sides, and leave for 5 minutes. Wipe off moisture.

2. Cut the lotus root in half and then in half again.

3. Put the ☆ in a storage bag, mix well, and marinate the Tilefish and lotus root. Squeeze out the air, close the mouth, and leave in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

4. Wipe off the seasoning with kitchen paper.

5. Spread a cooking sheet on a frying pan and arrange the tilefish and lotus root, skin side down. Heat over medium heat, and when the skin is browned, turn it over, put water under the cooking sheet, cover, and steam-bake for 4 minutes.


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