Tuna – Which is your choice?

Otoro Or Akami

Otoro or Akami?

Tuna offers several different types of taste and textures. From decadent Otoro to savory Akami, you are sure to find something you like when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

The taste of raw tuna in sushi or sashimi is nothing like the taste of cooked tuna. Tuna is a saltwater fish and is a favourite for us Singaporeans as it’s often a go to when we are in Japanese restaurants or at home for a quick and easy meal such as tuna salad.


Tuna’s Otoro is the first part to explore. It can be found at the underside of the fish ( belly ). This is the fattest part of the fish, so it practically melts in your mouth. At sight, you may notice the distinctive fat marbling. Otoro gives sashimi a sweeter taste. Because of its rich taste and highly desired qualities, it is the most sought-after part of the tuna. Though it may be a little more expensive, the taste is well worth the investment.


Akami is the most common part of the fish and you can usually find it on the top of the rice in sashimi or in a sushi roll. Since it is the main part of the tuna fish, it is readily available compared to Otoro.

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